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Annde, a professional manufacturer of electric water heaters and accessory parts. Zhongshan Annde Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the capital of China's home appliance manufacturing industry. It is adjacent to TCL, Galanz, Changhong and other famous brands. It is strategically located and has a well-developed supporting industry.

Annde Electric is positioned to develop and manufacture household electric water heaters and core accessories. The company has a number of senior professional engineers. Among them, "ANDECEAS" was the chief engineer of a famous electric appliance brand electric water heater in Germany before the establishment of the company. The products developed by the company are serving thousands of families.

The anti-electric wall and control board developed by Annet's patents have been providing supporting services for many well-known electric water heater brand enterprises at home and abroad. The electric water heater products have established a complete modernization of R&D, production, sales and service integration. Production and management systems to provide consumers with more home appliances and professional services.

As a professional manufacturer of electric water heaters and accessory parts, "Annde" not only brings high-quality products, technologies and services to the majority of families, but also promotes the promotion of brand value, service concept and public values ​​of energy conservation and clean energy use. Efforts to work with our partners to introduce the safe and durable product tenet of Annide and the product concept of humanization, fashion, health and comfort into modern family life, to experience and enjoy the design concept of "Annde" and environmental protection. Awareness and service system

Development course of company
2008,Established Zhongshan Annde Electric Co., Ltd.;
2009,Obtain a production license issued by the state
2011Passed the national 3C certification, national patent product certification
2013The company's annual output value exceeds 30 million;
2014,Brand released CCTV 3 sets of prime time broadcast;
2015Develop national patent safe energy-saving water heaters;
2016Was rated
"Guangdong Province Quality and Trustworthy Credit Unit";
2017The company's annual output value reaches more than 80 million, and its products cover the whole country;
2018,Brand strength upgrade, heavy construction of online platform;
2019Looking to the future, develop the strongest water heater brand;
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Annde Brand Advantage
Technical advantages
The eye-catching products of German technology and continuous innovation are the dreams of every Anhede, that is, products that are technically, creatively and qualitatively exemplary.
Quality advantage
Since the entry into the Asian market in the Asia-Pacific region, An Naide, who is purely German-born, has been loved and sought after by tens of millions of middle-class social class residents and industry successors in the Asia-Pacific region. He has been promoted and recognized by Chinese government authorities and industry authorities for several years. ......
branded advantages
After years of development, Annde Life Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has continuously innovated and brought together the world's leading technology and equipment to lead the industry.
Four Advantages of Joining Annde
Strength advantage
Market Advantage
Policy support
Profit Advantage
German technical support, carrying the traditional German craftsmanship, has been recognized and praised in the industry.
The price of Annde's life electrical products is very competitive in the market, lower than the price of most brands, and higher profits.
Training technical support, invite large enterprises to practice marketing masters, free training for first- and second-level dealers. After-sales service support, professional after-sales team for you, provide a comprehensive range of after-sales service.
The price of Anende's life electrical products is very competitive in the market, lower than the price of most brands, higher profits, and a sound risk protection mechanism.
Product System Advantage
One machine and one code (Zhilian code) is provided by Guangdong Shunde Micro-Card Network Technology Co., Ltd. The Zhilian code system is an enterprise marketing ecosystem that integrates sales promotion, after-sales service and data collection. Each Zhilian code will generate the company name, product category, model number and 32-bit random code when the system prints out. Zhilian code can be used for precise marketing based on product sales data. Relying on the system's big data collection, merchants will be more convenient to collect and collect consumption data, learn about consumer buying habits, carry out secondary sales, and promote new products. Through big data, merchants can more accurately carry out new product recommendations, holiday promotions, improve customer referrals and the probability of secondary sales of goods.
Product One machine and one
Can achieve "off-site purchase, national warranty" Therefore, the problem of the user "has local maintenance and convenient maintenance" has been solved. In the past, the principle that the consumer purchase must follow the purchase and the warranty is required, which makes the consumer feel extremely inconvenient and cannot guarantee the normal warranty of the machine. However, after the implementation of the joint guarantee, consumers can choose a fixed-point repair station warranty no matter where they buy the product.
Suning Helper
"Suning Helper" is the after-sales platform of Suning Tesco. At present, Suning has 43 branches in the country, and set up service organizations in 185 cities, covering more than 300 cities and more than 2,000 districts and counties across the country. The township capacity covers 98%. At present, the service category covers home appliances, electronics, home, home economics, automotive, integrated systems and smart products. The online service platform focuses on service product sales, offline services to create a nationwide chain of service networks, and 5,500 self-operated and affiliated service outlets. Nearly 50,000 service engineers and 4,000 platform service product merchants.





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